Robert I. Moss, chair and professor.
B.S., 1975, M.A., 1980, Western Michigan University; Ph.D., 1988, Southern Illinois University. Appointed 2000.

David J. Anspaugh, visiting professor of physical education.
B.A., 1966, Albion College; M.S., 1967, Eastern Michigan University; P.Ed., 1971, Indiana University; Ed.D., 1977, University of Tennessee. Appointed 2009.

Steven W. Ball, visiting instructor.
B.A., 2004, Albion College; M.S., 2008, Western Michigan University. Appointed 2008.

David G. Egnatuk, professor.
A.B., 1971, Albion College; M.S., 1974, University of Southern California; M.S., 1978, Eastern Michigan University. Appointed 1975.

Thomas R. Johnson, associate professor.
B.S., 1971, Illinois State University; M.A., 1990, 1992, Western Michigan University; Ph.D., 1996, Walden University. Appointed 1998.

Carol P. Moss, visiting instructor.
B.S., 1981, Ohio State University; M.A., 1982, Kent State University. Appointed 2000.

Gayle A. Thompson, visiting assistant professor.
B.S., 1991, Miami University; M.A.., 1992, Western Michigan University; Ph.D., 2007, Western Michigan University. Appointed 2007.