Majors and Minors

Requirements for Major

A major may be earned in French, German or Spanish by completing a minimum of eight units of study at the 201 level or above, including the courses specified in the sections on each language (see the following pages). Only one unit of Advanced Placement credit can count toward a major or minor. Students considering a major in a foreign language are urged to consult with a faculty member in the department early in the freshman or sophomore year. All majors are required to study at least one semester abroad in an approved off-campus program. If individual situations prevent this, the student should consult with the department chair.

It is required that all majors have at least one semester, preferably a year, of residence in language-learning housing and credit for Modern Languages and Cultures 110 (only one-quarter unit counts toward major requirements). If circumstances prevent a student from living in language-learning housing, then the student must consult with the department chair.

It is recommended that all majors take cognate courses, for example in English, history, anthropology and sociology, relating to their language of study. Double majors are also encouraged.