Perry W. Myers, chair and associate professor.
B.A., 1979, M.B.A., 1981, Baylor University; M.A., 1997, Ph.D., 2002, University of Texas, Austin. Appointed 2004.

Catherine C. B. Grimm, assistant professor.
M.A., 1992, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Ph.D., 1998, Northwestern University. Appointed 2003.

Dianne P. Guenin-Lelle, professor.
B.A., 1979, University of New Orleans; M.A., 1983, University of Louisiana, Lafayette; Ph.D., 1988, Louisiana State University. Appointed 1987.

Julia M. Medina, assistant professor.
B.A., 1997, Ph.D., 2005, University of California, Davis. Appointed 2006.

Takami Mohri, visiting assistant professor.
B.A., 1992, Shikoku Gakuin University; M.A., 2006, Waseda University. Appointed 2008.

Marcie A. Noble, visiting instructor.
B.A., 1997, M.A., 2003, ABD, Western Michigan University. Appointed 2009.

Kalen R. Oswald, associate professor.
B.A., 1995, Utah State University; M.A., 1997, Ph.D., 2001, University of Arizona. Appointed 2002.

Emmanuel T. Yewah, professor of Modern Languages and Cultures and Howard L. McGregor, Jr., Professor of the Humanities. Licencié-es-Lettres, 1978, Maîtrise, 1979, Université de Yaoundé ; M.A., 1982, Ph.D., 1987, University of Michigan. Appointed 1986.