Teaching Reflections

By writing Teaching Reflections, members of the College community become the voice of the Center of Teaching and Learning. Our biweekly installments reflect on teaching philosophy, the scholarship of teaching and learning, pedagogical techniques, and helpful resources. We strive to engage and inform. Many thanks to all Albion College teachers who have shared their thinking and practice in a Teaching Reflection!

The Vocabulary Crisis: How to Fix It

Ian MacInnes, Department of English

Our students' vocabularies inform both who they are and who they can be. Evidence suggests, however, that our students are reading less, hearing less conversation, and bringing a smaller vocabulary to college.1

Smart Phone Teaching

Carol Moss, Department of Kinesiology

I have always wanted my Introduction to Kinesiology students to experience firsthand how someone in my field would perform a particular skill in the real world.

It's Not about Cell Phones

Eric Hill, Department of Psychological Science

For years, I tried to find a way to reduce classroom cell phone use without increasing resentment. Like nearly all my best ideas, I stole this one from someone else.

Things I Learned about Teaching by Spending Time outside of the Classroom

Carrie Booth Walling, Department of Political Science and Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program

As I approached my sabbatical semester I dreamt of long days of productive research, hours of uninterrupted and concentrated writing, and submissions to peer reviewed journals. I did not dream of revamping my course design or revising my teaching methods, nor did I expect to reevaluate my teaching so far away from the classroom.