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Helping Students Persist in Their Studies

There's still time to RSVP for next week's workshops in Stockwell 305! We'll watch a short video and learn some strategies for increasing students' intrinsic motivation and encouraging them in their efforts to become lifelong learners. Choose your session:

Monday, November 11, 11:45--12:45 (RSVP by Friday, November 8 at noon)

Tuesday, November 12, 11:45--12:45 (RSVP by Monday, November 11 at noon)

RSVP to . Box lunches will be served. Dietary restrictions? Please indicate them on your reply.

Compassionate Teaching

Many of us read Compassionate Teaching over the summer as Amy Leighton was being hired as a reading specialist in our Academic Skills Center. Next week, Amy will join us for a lunch-hour discussion on teaching first-generation students. It will help if you read the book, especially chapters 3-5. If you didn't read it, come anyway for some practical tips about understanding first-generation students and promoting their success.

There are two options for attending:

Monday, Oct 7, 11:45--12:45 (RSVP by Friday, Oct 4 at noon)
Thursday, Oct 10, 11:45--12:45 (RSVP by Wednesday, Oct 9 at noon)

Box lunches will be served in Stockwell 305. RSVP by replying to this newsletter.
Dietary restrictions? Contact Shannon Welihan ().

Albion College Symposium on Teaching and Student Learning

Saturday, September 14, 2019, 1:00 p.m.–4:30 p.m.
Science Complex Atrium

The 2019 Albion College Symposium on Teaching and Student Learning acknowledges the distinctive contributions of faculty and staff to teaching and student learning on campus. The event's guiding assumption is that by sharing and discussing our particular roles, Albion College staff and faculty will be better able to do the important work of shaping the minds and spirits of Albion College students.  

Albion College Symposium on Teaching and Student Learning - Albion College

There are three ways to participate in the symposium.

(Must have registered by Friday, August 30, 2019.)

Attend and Discuss

You can attend, listen, and join the conversation but not officially present.

Present a Poster

You can present a poster about teaching or student learning. Our definition of a poster is broad: it is any kind of visual or aural object used to spark a discussion about teaching or student learning. That object might be the kind of wall-hanging posters you would see in a poster session at an academic or professional conference, or it might be a work of art, a letter from a parent, a spreadsheet, a bridle and saddle, or a lacrosse stick. If it's an object that sparks a discussion about teaching or student learning, it's a poster.

Present a Five and Done

Back by popular demand: Five-and-Done Presentations. A limited number of individuals (chosen randomly from those who express interest, with a preference for folks who didn't do one last time) will take the stage for no more than five minutes to share some insight about teaching or student learning, using whatever form of expression the person likes—a mini-lecture, puppet show, monologue, whatever. The rules are pretty simple: you've got five minutes, and then you're done.

Ninth Annual Course Development Workshop

The CTL hosted a Course Development Workshop on Monday, August 19 from 9:00-3:00. We met in Cutler Commons in the Library to explore what the Cutting Edge Course Design Tutorial can teach us about learning goals, assignments, classroom activities, and assessment.  We applied what we learned to one of our courses — a new course that we were developing or an old course that we were revising. For more information or to register for the next workshop, email .

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