Faculty Development

A wide range of opportunities for supporting and improving scholarship and teaching are available to the faculty, from micro-teaching workshops to interdisciplinary teaching and research initiatives to independent research projects. This page provides links to these activities, and to funding opportunities designed to encourage and support them.

The Faculty Development Committee

Encourages faculty development by awarding large and small grants for teaching, research, and other aspects of professional development. Funds are also available to support faculty coteries, intended to encourage and enable cross-disciplinary conversations about topics and texts. Income from a grant to Albion College by the William and Flora Hewlett and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundations supports this funding. In addition, the Committee awards the annual James and Dorothy R. Blanchard Faculty Fellowship, an endowed fund to provide financial support for a beginning faculty member to undertake a summer research project. The committee also reviews and approves sabbatical applications.

All FDC proposals are to be uploaded electronically through the Moodle courseweb site . You can find the FDC proposal upload site by clicking the Faculty Development link at the Albion College Moodle website. The url for the FDC Proposal Upload site is http://courses.albion.edu/.

You will need to login to the Moodle site using your college user id and password. To access the FDC proposal upload site you will need to type in a one-time enrollment key, F@cu1tyD3v.

Micro-teaching Workshops

There is no one-time enrollment key; needed to log in.

Aimed at new Albion College faculty members, but open to all Albion College faculty, this annual workshop enables each participant to receive feedback on pedagogy from colleagues in a small group situation. The workshop begins with a night of discussion and reflection on teaching/learning issues, followed by two nights of microteaching. This workshop, funded by a grant from the Hewlett-Mellon Fund for Faculty Development, affirms the importance of teaching and learning at Albion College and fosters a collaborative, community-building environment. Contact Beth Lincoln, Office of Academic Affairs, for more information.

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