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Assessment of student learning is a central commitment and an ongoing process at Albion College. It allows us to make informed decisions about our future as we attempt to provide the best education possible in a changing environment. Responsibility for overseeing assessment rests with the Assessment Committee. As spelled out in the Faculty Handbook, this committee has “responsibility for implementation and oversight of the college’s student academic achievement assessment program, including:

  • assessing general education, particularly the Core;

  • reviewing assessment reports submitted by departments and programs;

  • preparing an annual summary of assessment on campus;

  • setting campus standards for record keeping;

  • setting the time line for assessment;

  • monitoring the assessment program; and

  • reporting to the North Central Association on assessment.”

Upcoming Assessment Conferences and Workshops

Click on the link below to see upcoming HLC meetings:

North Central Association's Higher Learning Commission Assessment Workshop

To express your interest in attending one or more of these events, please contact the Chair of the Assessment Committee and the Registrar. Formal proposals are not needed for these pre-approved events.

Guidelines for Travel or Project Proposals

All proposals should be submitted to the Chair of the Assessment Committee and the Registrar via email only, with proposal documents attached in MS Word.

  • Award Amount:  Up to $900 for Assessment Travel grants
  • Up to $2000 for Assessment Project grants
  • Easy Application:  Submit grant proposals by e-mail attachment only.
  • Deadline:  Awarded on a rolling basis.
  • Support Contact: Discuss your travel or project proposal with your chair or another appropriate colleague who will agree to be contacted (if needed), and include this person’s name with your proposal.
  • Simple Budget:  Detailed budget is not necessary—please include a brief paragraph/details indicating how you intend to spend the grant money.
  • No time line: No need for detailed timelines, though a final report should be submitted within 30 days after completion of work proposed.

For details of grant submission procedures, please consult with Drew Dunham, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Registrar.