Erich Owens

Physics (Dual Degree Program in Engineering)
Graduate/Professional School:
B.S.E., Columbia University; M.S., Brown University
San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.
Software Engineer, Facebook
Albion prepared Erich.
Albion College was an excellent place to begin my career. The residential focus allowed me to identify a strong peer group to live and learn from, and it fostered connections to faculty to the point where I felt comfortable regularly attending office hours or asking questions in class. The students and research faculty at my later schools were also impressive, but the community aspect was not nearly as individually focused.
The pre-engineering program encouraged me to focus on broader interests. A five-year program gave me plenty of time to take plenty of interesting math and science electives, but it also allowed me to take courses in literature, game theory, philosophy and art, and even spend a semester abroad in Budapest. This focus on the liberal arts was essential to my development as a human being and a well-rounded professional, and could not have been possible in a compressed four-year curriculum.

Take It Further: Dual Degree Program in Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics