James Gignac

History and Political Science, with Honors
Graduate/Professional School:
J.D., Harvard University
Chicago, Ill.
Environmental and Energy Counsel with the Illinois Attorney General's Office
Albion inspired James.
Albion sparked my interest in environmental and energy issues through an environmental history course and an opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary summer research project on threats facing a local watershed. I realized then that I had found my calling, and for that I am forever grateful to Albion College, its spirit, its professors, and its students!
Albion and the liberal arts approach definitely worked! I came to Albion not sure about a direction and ended up with a mission, focus, and intellectual curiosity that now serve as the bedrocks of my career. I give back to Albion because of what an important role the college played in my life.
I list Professor Wes Dick as the most influential person in my life other than my parents. He taught me the importance of living a life committed to justice and showed me how to do it through his own example and through the study of history and of historically special people and events in time.

Take It Further: History, Political Science, Honors