Sarab Kamoo

Communication Studies and English
Graduate/Professional School:
M.S.W., Univ. of Michigan
Lathrup Village, Mich.
Actor; social worker, Rochester, Mich., School District
Albion prepared Sarab.
Albion gave me so many volunteer opportunities and an off-campus internship in Philadelphia that really helped shape my path toward social work and working with children. Also, the Theatre Department and public speaking courses helped build my confidence and gave me the experience to take my acting skills to the next level.
Albion was a perfect fit! I wanted a school where I could try my hand in so many different venues in a smaller and nurturing environment to help me discover what path to take. I am so grateful for the volunteer opportunities, the off-campus internship, and being able to be on stage in a college setting. I grew so much as a person and as a performer at Albion. Having all those opportunities built my confidence to believe that I could have the same successes wherever I went next.

Take It Further: Sarab in Io Triumphe! (Fall-Winter 2011-12), Communication Studies, English, Theatre