Emily McLaughlin

Economics and Management, Psychology
New York, N.Y.
Assistant Vice President, RBC Capital Markets
Albion prepared Emily.
Albion gave me a very important thing—an enthusiastic alumni network. Leveraging this network, I accepted a two-month internship at NorthPointe Capital where I worked and learned under many fantastic and incredibly intelligent people who passed along my résumé and kind words of recommendation to my first boss in New York City, where I spent over two years. This connection was crucial given that many in this industry attended Harvard, Yale, Wharton and other Ivy League institutions, giving them an instant advantage on paper. Beyond this, I spoke with several alumni who gave me interviewing tips, put in a good word with their respective firms, and were in general just eager to help out a fellow Brit. Having so many great alumni in your court to vouch for you, utilize their connections on your behalf, and give you advice is really an invaluable thing.
In addition, during my four years, Albion gave me access to exceptionally smart professors whom I will always appreciate for helping me realize my love for economics and finance—and giving me the tools I needed to succeed.

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