Beau Brockett, '19

Beau Brockett

Major: English


Albion Pleiad managing editor, Cross Country, Ford Institute, Honors Program, Track & Field

Albion will challenge you.
I came to Albion expecting a great education, but not the relationships that would come with it. I quickly found a campus full of folks who want to see you succeed and want to help you in any way they can. More importantly, in a matter of days, you could become close friends with someone and have conversations with them that you could never have with your friends from high school. While we can talk about education and earnings all we want, the relationships built will last far past my four years here and will be what I hold closest.
Albion will inspire you.
Being a member of the cross country team has helped me realize that community is everything. Without the team, I would be lonely and a bit lost on campus, struggling to find myself. My teammates are my best friends and our bond and their hard work inspires me every day. The community I have found myself a part of at Albion have inspired me to make the communities I am a part of after college the most inclusive, caring, and successful they can be.
Albion will prepare you.
My First-Year Seminar was titled "Designing Your World." We drew upon design thinking principles to create and innovate—we designed with the person in mind. I've taken the experiences from that class, and that principle, and have applied it into each of the experiences Albion has given me. I plan to apply in my post-college life. How might I create and innovate in a way that best helps the people I am creating and innovating for?
Albion is preparing Beau.