Anna Watson, '19

Anna Watson

Major: Communication Studies & Sociology


Tour Guide, FYE Mentor, Albion College Marketing Intern, Member of the Student Marketing Group, Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program Student, and Music Director of Euphonics

Albion will challenge you.
Every college challenges you, but I think Albion has challenged me in unparalleled ways. The small, tight-knit community constantly provides me with opportunities to stretch myself. I never would have seen myself being in charge of mentoring a class of freshmen, doing an internship along with my regular course load, or running a collegiate a cappella group. Music has always been the thing I'm most passionate about, and as a sophomore, Albion provided me with the challenge of becoming the Music Director of its co-ed a cappella group, Euphonics. This pushed me to find the balance between being a friend and being in charge. I think I've been able to grow into an empathetic leader because of this opportunity, which has also challenged me as a musician to do things I otherwise would have seen as impossible. Each semester I sing and produce original arrangements that are performed in front of hundreds of people. It hasn't been easy, but watching the group and myself grow has been the most rewarding experience, and I don't think I would have had that opportunity at any other school. Overall, in everything I do, Albion has challenged me to look at myself and what I'm capable of doing differently. The limits I held myself to are no more.
Albion will inspire you.
Albion has a way of exciting you about the future. You’re surrounded by passionate and diverse critical thinkers who see the best in you and want the best for our society. It’s hard to not be inspired when you look at all the successful alumni who have walked the same paths we have. Brian and Jane Lois Spencer were two of the first alums I met as a freshmen. They both were members of the a cappella group, Euphonics, as well, and their group, Less is More, was performing at the Bohm. I remember being in awe of them, their genuine kindness, and their music, which has around 60 million streams on Spotify. As a musician, their success after graduation inspired me. Albion College has a history of successful alumni that motivate current students to set higher and higher goals for themselves. I love this school, my fellow students, those who have graduated, and the staff that makes it what it is. Because of this, the pride I have for my institution, I am inspired to be the best Brit I can be.
Albion will prepare you.
Albion has prepared me to continue to be more than just a number once I graduate. Because of its size, every one of my classes has been less than 30 people, some of them as small as seven, making my presence and the contributions I bring to my courses have weight. I have gotten to know all of my professors on a personal level, and they have shown incredible faith in my abilities inside and out of the classroom. Professors at Albion College are your biggest motivators. They see potential in you that you hadn’t seen, and encourage you to continually strive for excellence in everything you do. Combined with the interactive liberal arts education, Albion has a strong field of academics that has made me feel more than capable of tackling life after graduation. This semester I have been fortunate enough to be an intern for Albion College’s Marketing Department along with taking my normal classes. The ability to have a hands-on, professional experience while still on campus has been extremely rewarding. I have worked with a group of people who are creative and skilled in what they do, and while understanding the hectic college student life, still treat me like an adult and value my contributions. Being able to immerse myself in a job scenario while still in school has left me feeling more prepared and confident in the education and opportunities that Albion has provided me.
Albion is inspiring Anna.