Springing Forward

Impact on the Road

Because I spend a lot of time on the road talking to alumni, parents and prospective students, I always relish the opportunity to have them come and see what is happening here in Albion. Getting the word out is good; getting people here is even better.

This week, we have 54 students coming to Albion College for an “Albion Advantage Day,” which is for admitted students who have not yet deposited. This kind of event often puts Albion College “over the top” for these students and helps them get excited about becoming Brits. Students for this week’s program represent nine states—from Alabama to Oregon—with large cohorts coming from Texas and California. It’s exciting to see our outreach into these areas create this kind of impact. We’re starting to see our successes build upon themselves and carry us forward.

Impact at Home

Our work creating sustainable local partnerships is building as well. I’m always excited to see Albion College students and Albion community members converse freely about cutting-edge societal issues. Last week, Governor Snyder visited our community and participated in a roundtable at the Ludington Center. Next week, documentary filmmaker Sarah Mondale will be visiting to screen her new documentary film, Backpack Full of Cash, at the Bohm Theatre. Prior to the screening, Mondale will be meeting with classes on campus and will also meet with community members, educators and prospective teachers as part of the Albion College – Marshall Public Schools collaboration.

The Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Development is bringing this dialogue opportunity to the community with support from the Michigan Humanities Council and in collaboration with campus partners (Departments of Political Science, Psychological Science, Communication Studies/Kropscott Endowed Lecture, Anthropology and Sociology, and the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership, Public Policy and Service). Backpack Full of Cash raises meaningful questions about equity, democracy and public education and examines the impact of privatization initiatives on public schools.

Backpack Full of Cash, narrated by Matt Damon, airs at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21, at the Bohm Theatre and director Sarah Mondale will be available to answer questions afterward. A welcome reception with Mondale will be held at the Ludington Center at 5:00 p.m. prior to the screening. These events are free and open to the public.

Impact on the Future

Later this week, our Office of Marketing and Communications will unveil our new branding campaign titled, "The One Place for Every You." This campaign will feature many of our students, and the messaging is uniquely Albion. Our personal approach to education is reflected throughout this campaign, and there will be many examples of how we bring out the best of our students through a variety of media vehicles. Look for new signage on campus, new billboards on I-94, bright displays in Detroit Metro Airport, and you will even hear the campaign carry through NPR, to name a few.

The three words “Challenge,” “Inspire,” and “Prepare” are used in nearly all elements of the campaign. These three words reflect what we specifically do well for our students each day and will serve as the common threads tying the campaign together. This campaign has ties to each of our pillars of the strategic plan. We challenge students to become informed and ethical people through our commitment to diversity and dialogue and involvement with the community and larger world. We inspire them to move outside their comfort zone to think critically and put that thought into action. Lastly, we prepare them by giving them the tools to create change not only in our local community, but the world. I hope you all are as excited about this fresh take on our brand in the coming months as I am.