Mark Lampen, '10

Mark Lampen, '10

Major: Anthropology and Gender Studies

Current Location: Birmingham, Michigan

Job Title: Attorney, Legal Risk Analyst

In a nutshell, what do you do, and did Albion prepare you for the job?

I review all types of commercial contracts and cutting-edge tech issues related to mobility and autonomous vehicle development to determine potential risks exposed to my clients and actively engage in negotiations to decrease liability exposure. My classes at Albion prepared me for my career by growing my analytical skills and establishing my ability to objectively review complicated, high-risk situations.

What did it mean for you to be involved in equestrian activities at Albion?

Being involved with Albion equestrian activities meant having extraordinary people I could count on. While at Albion I was on the intercollegiate dressage team which took a substantial amount of dedication, patience, and partnership between teammates to train and compete.

What's your favorite equestrian memory?

Our coach was from the United Kingdom and had a very distinct accent. When we first started training, he would tell us to ride to the "Hache" marker. We were all so confused because none of us had ever heard of this new and mysterious spot in a dressage ring. So we just kept riding along because we didn’t know where “Hache” was and he’d get so frustrated thinking we weren’t listening. He was actually saying "H" – I think I went a month of not really knowing where I was supposed to be going.

Are you still active in equestrian life? 

I am still very active riding and training as much as possible – there’s always something you can learn. Most of my closest friends and business colleagues are all connected somehow to the equestrian world. Staying connected with these relationships while staying with my passion of riding symbiotically works to be a win-win.

How did your Albion experience help you in your career?

Exponentially! My Albion equestrian background continually proves itself to be invaluable in my career. While still an undergrad, an Albion colleague told me about an opportunity to groom one of the best Grand Prix dressage competitors in the country. I jumped at the opportunity, and continued grooming part-time after graduating and through law school. I’ve been fortunate to use the experience to make connections across North America and Europe.

Because the equestrian world is tightly connected, yet global in its reach, I have a solid foundation that jump-started my career with an exceptional networking base that keeps growing.