Stapley Wins Overall High Score on Birthday (February 13, 2016)

Stapley Ribbons at Findlay.
Team co-captain Emma Stapley.
Senior and team co-captain Emma Stapley (Rockford / Rockford) gave herself a birthday present by winning the high score at the February 13 show hosted by the University of Findlay.

The impressive 71.92 percent came after a tumultuous start to Stapley's test. It turned out that the judge had been given the wrong test, which was discovered after ringing the bell twice for what she initially assumed was Stapley going off course. After a long wait while the mix-up was corrected, Stapley was able to shake it off and not only secured first place in Upper Training level, but also the overall high score of the entire show.

First year student Jessi Fore (Wenatchee, Wash. / Wenatchee) had a similar frustrating situation with her First level mount. Before her ride, her assigned horse was switched not only once but twice, and she ended up riding a horse that she had been unable to watch warm up. However she rallied and put together a very harmonious ride anyhow.

The Briton "A" team ended up in third place overall, and the "B" team finished in seventh place. Their next competition will be a double header on February 20 and 21 at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio.