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The Conference Services and Events Office will offer guidance to the coordination of a campus department event or meeting. We welcome you to contact our office to talk through your plans, however, you will be responsible for contacting appropriate departments for your needs. In order for this coordination to happen in a timely and efficient manner for all departments, we have developed a standard timeline to be used when planning your event. This guide reflects deadlines that service providers have requested, so they can deliver a quality product to you and your event in an appropriate time frame. When these deadlines are not honored, workloads and other institutional priorities can become adversely affected.

Space - 4 weeks
Request space well in advance of your event. Depending on the exact space needs we recommend at the very minimum one month in advance. For larger events 3-4 months is suggested. Keep in mind that reserving your space only gets you the room. You must arrange set-up/clean-up of space, catering, campus services, and audio-visual separately.


  • August - April: Karen Hiatt,
    • Kellogg Center
    • Goodrich Chapel
    • Campus Quadrangle
    • Science Center
    • Ludington Center
  • August - April: Shannon Welihan,
    • Upper Baldwin
    • Mary Sykes Room
    • Albion Room
    • Briton Room
  • May - July: Nancy Chapman,
    • All campus spaces

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Facilities Operations - Campus Services - 2 weeks
Campus services is available Monday through Friday from 7:30am-3:30pm. They provide many behind the scene details, including table/chair delivery, podium delivery, stage set-up, and more. Campus Services MUST be contacted no later than two weeks prior to your event to request set-ups and delivery.

Laura McDowell,

Audio-Visual Equipment - 2 weeks
You may request support for your audio visual needs for special events taking place in classrooms and other campus spaces by completing the audio request form. To ensure we can accommodate as many audio visual requests as possible, we prefer at least two weeks advance notice when requesting event support. Submit your request here.

Chad Rocco,

Catering - 2 weeks
As the exclusive caterer to Albion College we are proud to have Bon Appetit serving our students, faculty, and staff with made from scratch meals to servicing all dietary needs and/or restrictions. The catering guide is designed to simplify your event planning and give you a feel for our fresh, contemporary menu and service options. Use them as a jumping off point for discussion as we’re happy to customize. All catering should be finalized two weeks prior to the event with confirmation of attendees 48 hours before the event.

Shannon Welihan,

Marketing - 4 weeks
The Marketing and Communications Office staff is available to assist all campus offices and departments in achieving their particular goals. We can help plan, design, and execute communications that reach out to prospective students or donors, attract an audience to an event, or otherwise deliver important information in a timely and effective manner. For specific help with a communications project, contact the office at least 3-4 weeks prior to the date when your project must be completed or your event is planned.

John Perney,

Conference Services & Events - 2 weeks
Looking for items to enhance your event? The Conference Services and Events Office can supply items such as decorations, event signage, corn hole boards, just to name a few. To ensure we can accommodate your request please allow 2 weeks notice when requesting items.

Emma Chervinsky-Reynolds,
Nancy Chapman,