Career Development

Creates opportunities for professional growth and development of skills.


  • Samantha Addington
  • Ed Cheladyn
  • Tim DeWitt
  • Sharon Jones
  • Troy Kase
  • Michelle Owens-Koeppen
  • Chad Rocco

Compensation & Benefits

Monitors and reports staff concerns regarding non-faculty and non-union employee compensation and benefits.


  • Drew Dunham
  • Amanda Ewers
  • Renee Kreger
  • Jess Lampkin
  • Catherine Lessnau
  • Trevor Markovich
  • Jordan Marshall
  • Jill Marie Mason
  • Eric Westmoreland

Diversity & Inclusion

Advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus.


  • Chris Berry
  • Karen Eagen
  • Karen Hiatt
  • Elisa Hooper
  • Nick Mourning
  • Anne Noble
  • Greg Polnasek

Wellness & Engagement

Fosters physical and mental well-being, as well as opportunities for interactions with peers.


  • Joan Eagen
  • Derick Lawrence
  • Maggie Meier
  • Amy Richardson
  • Leah Rose
  • Kristen Sarniak
  • Melissa Sommers
  • Kacie Zuck

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