Identification Cards


All regular employees.


Identification cards will be issued to all regular employees at time of hire. Identification cards may also be issued to the spouse and eligible dependents of regular employees. Eligible dependents include a natural born child, legally adopted child, or stepchild, unmarried, who is eligible to be claimed as a deduction on the eligible staff member's income tax return.

Employees and dependents with an appropriate identification card, will be permitted to use the College facilities at times designated for such purposes and attend most special and sports events, although some may have an admission charge.

Replacement identification cards may be obtained through the Information Technology Help Desk located on the ground floor of Ferguson Hall, room G16 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM). Employee identification cards may be exchanged at no charge as needed.

The use of an identification card that belongs to someone else for unauthorized access or admittance is prohibited.  Doing so may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination

Identification cards are valid only during the term of an individual's employment with the College. Exception is granted for Emeriti faculty and staff and their spouse/significant other and eligible  dependents. Spouse/ Dependent identification cards must be turned in to Human Resources at the time the spouse/dependent no longer needs the card or can no longer be claimed as a deduction on the eligible staff member's income tax return.


At the time of hire the Human Resources Office will notify of the new hire.  After completing the required new hire meeting with Human Resources, the employee will be directed to the Help Desk where the identification card will be issued.

An eligible employee may request an identification card for their eligible dependents by completing an authorization/ request form from the Human Resources Office  Human Resources must authorize the request. Such authorization form shall then be taken to the Help Desk, where the identification card will be issued.

Employees shall turn in their identification cards and the identification cards for any dependent(s) and/or spouse at the time their employment terminates.


Key Card Access

Albion College Identification cards may be coded to provide access various locations on campus.  Supervisors should consult the  Authorizations Policy to request specific access for an employee.


Albion 1Card

Albion Identification cards may also be coded with "Briton Bucks", a pre-paid spending account.  Employees interested in adding Briton Bucks should consult the Albion 1Card web site at

Exceptions to this policy require the approval of the President.

Revised  - President's Administrative Council approved 9/10/2012