Full-time administrative employees.
Union members should refer to their Collective Bargaining Agreement


Full-time administrative employees receive paid vacation days as part of their benefits package with allocations and scheduled increases listed below. Employees may receive credit for prior work experience with the approval of the President or Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Years of Service

Vacation Days

0 - less than 10 years


10 - less than 20 years


20+ years


The total amount of vacation to which an employee is allocated for a fiscal year is received in advance at the beginning of each fiscal year and must be used by the end of the fiscal year.

Vacations may not be taken in increments of less than one-half (1/2) day.

An employee's supervisor will determine when vacations may be taken, and may allow the employee to use vacation time as soon as it is received.

An employee who leaves the College, and then returns to work within five (5) years, may receive credit for prior employment with the College.


Upon hire, vacation allocation will be prorated based on remaining months in the fiscal. For example, an employee who is hired on March 1 will receive 5 days to be used by June 30.

Employees should submit via email time off requests to their supervisor no less than 2 weeks in advance of time off date(s).  Supervisors should reply back to the employee within 2-3 days of receiving the request indicating approval or denial of the request.  It is expected that supervisors ensure that time off requests do not conflict with departmental/operational needs. In the event of extenuating circumstances, an employee may submit a request with less than 2 weeks’ notice and the supervisor will consider the request based on the impact on the department/College. Note: Supervisors may have additional protocols in place.  These should be communicated to all in the department in writing.

Any vacation not taken by June 30th shall be lost unless supervision determine that it was not possible for the employee to take vacation time off for work-related reasons.  In those cases a supervisor may approve unused days to be rolled to the next fiscal year.  Rolled days are not eligible for payout upon separation.

When an employee leaves the College, unused vacation time will be paid out on a prorated basis based on number of months worked in the fiscal year.  For example, an employee who receives 20 vacation days and leaves September 30 will have worked 3 months and entitled to 5 vacation days, if only 3 days were used, the employee will be paid out for the remaining 2 days. In addition, employees will not receive more time than they are able to take within the fiscal year at the time of separation from the College.

It is the responsibility of the following administrators to designate a person in their area to maintain vacation records for their employees:

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students
Vice President for Enrollment
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Athletic Director
Chief Information Officer
Associate Vice President of Facilities Operations
Director of Library
Director of Human Resources

Revised August 2019 - Cabinet approved